Covid19 – Family Updates

Free School Meals

Click here to view a letter from the Director of Education on free school meal provision.


General Letter on Face Coverings

Please read this letter from the Head of Education, Vincent Docherty, on the wearing of face coverings on school transport.


Return to school – Message from the Director of Education

CLICK here for a letter from the Director Of Education on school return and also a Frequently Asked Questions  BULLETIN for Parents/Carers.


Coronavirus Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some helpful information for carers/parents and pupils. Click GUIDE or FAQ. 


Supporting Children, Young People, Parents and their families back into Education.

Helpful pointers to where families and young people can get and seek support. CLICK


Facemask Guidance – 31.08.20

This guidance has been shared with all Education transport providers. .

You will be aware that the Scottish Government has announced that from Monday 31 August all pupils should wear face coverings when travelling on school transport, unless they are exempt. Pupils may be exempt if they are aged under 5 years or they have a relevant health condition. Information on face coverings can be found here –

• The onus is on schools and parents to do what they can to ensure pupil compliance.
• There is no requirement for drivers to enforce the wearing of face coverings.
• Parents/pupils are responsible for ensuring that pupils have their own face coverings.
• Pupils should wear a face covering before boarding the vehicle and for the entire duration of the journey.
• Pupils who are exempt from wearing a face covering are not required to show proof to the driver.
• If any pupils travelling by minibus/bus/coach do not have a face covering the driver should allow them to board. Drivers should not challenge any pupils who are not wearing a face covering.
• If drivers have particular concerns or a large proportion of pupils fail to comply you or your driver should report this to the school.
• If any pupils travelling by taxi/private hire car do not have a face covering the driver should if possible provide the pupil with a disposable mask. If the pupil waiting to board is accompanied by an adult the driver can refuse travel. If there are situations where pupils repeatedly fail to wear a face covering this should be raised with the school.


Advice on Attending School – Cold or Covid absence queries. 

Click here to get some advice on school attendance.


The Gordon Schools Risk Assessment – Covid-19

Click here to see the risk assessment that the school has in place. This is a live document which is updated when new information is received from Aberdeenshire Council.


Police Scotland – Be safe online.

Here are some resources from Police Scotland giving advise about keeping children safe whilst online.

Online Safety at home – Ages 11-13 & Ages 14+

Click here to see a video giving advice on to keep your children safe online.

The hidden benefits of playing video games – Click here