Drama is an exciting subject with a wide range of activities that should provide pupils with a stimulating, balanced and satisfying experience. The S3-6 courses aim to develop confidence and competence in communicating with others and to develop knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre.

Drama is the study of an artform that has relationships at its core: relationships between people; between people and ideas; and between people and the environment. It covers the theoretical and practical expression of ideas in sound and action, offering learners opportunities for training in aesthetic discrimination and perception. Through co-operation, participation and interaction, Drama helps learners to gain understanding and knowledge of real-life issues, events, situations and relationships.

SQA’s Drama qualifications develop learners’ drama and production skills and provide opportunities for learners to generate and communicate thoughts and ideas when creating drama. These Courses also develop learners’ knowledge of social and cultural influences on drama.





NATIONAL 5 – The National 5 Drama Course enables learners to develop a range of production skills and skills in presenting drama. Learners also explore form, genre, structure and style of drama.

NATIONAL 4 – The National 4 Drama Course enables learners to develop production skills and skills in presenting drama, and to use their skills in a drama performance. Learners also explore form, genre, structure and style of drama.



The Higher Drama Course develops skills in creating and presenting drama. Learners develop and use complex drama skills and production skills to present drama.


Areas of study include –

Investigative Drama
Students will as a group, use creative drama skills to investigate and explore a theme, topic or issue. They will devise their own drama, taking individual directorial responsibility for an identifiable section and present the end-product to an audience.
Study of a Text in its Theatrical Context
Students will investigate a text in its historical, social and theatrical context in order to explore how the text could be communicated through performance from the perspective of both director and actor. Students will be examined acting a short extract.
Contemporary Scottish Theatre
Students will develop skills in analysing and appreciating specified trends and issues in contemporary Scottish Theatre through the exploration of a range of plays/productions. Students will also perform a character from a contemporary Scottish Text.



The Advanced Higher Drama Course allows learners to explore both the practical and analytical aspects of the subject. Learners develop skills through practical aspects of theatre, the creative exploration of the art of theatre and its forms and practices.