BGE M. Languages



Pupils in S1, S2 and S3 follow a course of study which allows various opportunities to progress through the Curriculum for Excellence Modern Languages experiences and outcomes of  Broad General Education.

An overview of learner progression through Modern Languages BGE:-

Pupils will study 2 out of the 3 languages we offer at The Gordon Schools. Dependent on their teacher they will either study French and German, French and Spanish or German and Spanish. We feel that this then allows our young people to make an informed choice at towards the end of S1 about which language they wish to take forward into S2 and S3
S2 and S3: 
Pupils will study their chosen language for the whole of S2 and S3. There will not be the opportunity for further choice during this time. There may be the possibility to study a second language, dependent on other course choices.
During S2 pupils are not just learning grammar and vocabulary; they learn about healthy lifestyles, they find out about life in the countries where their chosen language is spoken and they pick up some transferrable skills along the way when they have to plan a weekend trip to a city of their choice, within a set budget.
During S3 all pupils get the opportunity to obtain the  SQA Modern languages for Life and Work Award. This award can be achieved at 2 levels: Level 3 or Level 4. The Award allows learners develop language and employability skills in practical and relevant contexts for life and work. This qualification also covers areas such as communication, self-awareness, confidence, leadership and independent learning.
Success at Level 3 can facilitate progression into National 4, whilst success at Level 4 is a superb building block for progression into National 5.
Throughout our BGE curriculum we encourage and facilitate the use of ICT.
Homework: whilst homework may not always be set on a weekly basis learners should access the online tools shown below and practise their vocabulary related to current topics on an ongoing basis:
Linguascope – login details available from your teacher