Ironside Memorial Endowement

Ronald Ironside Bursaries Calling all school leavers moving on to further education. If your course has a science or engineering element in the first year of study you may be entitled to a bursary. Applications are available here or from the school office. Make sure you apply, you never know until you do. Good luck with... read more »


We are here to help!

Support for Parents/Carers This year has been one that our pupils in School will find hard to forget for many reasons! As a School we realise that this year may have seen a number of difficulties and changes arise in personal circumstances at home. It is with these potential changes in mind that we are getting in touch. Our... read more »


Huntly Green Travel Hub

Dear parents/carers, We would like to remind you that we are still looking for pupils to take part in the Green Routes to School research project, which will inform the future activities of the Huntly Green Travel Hub. This research aims to find ways to make it easier and safer for kids in Huntly to cycle or walk to school. We... read more »


Parent/Carer Information

Parent/Carer Communication. Please click here to view the latest communication from The Gordon Schools to Parents/Carers.  read more »


Calling all Cooks!

Lets get cooking! St Fergus School Head Teachers need your help. They are appealing for anyone who is a dab-hand in the kitchen to send in recipes to inspire others to be creative when it comes to cooking during lockdown. The proposal is to bring together ideas and create a Lockdown cookbook. All proceeds are being donated... read more »


Active Schools

Active Schools Challenges As part of Live Life Aberdeenshire’s, Live Life@Home offering, Active Schools Aberdeenshire are releasing a weekly challenge on social media on a Monday morning for pupils to take part in and send in their best efforts during the week online. The challenges will vary but include physical activities,... read more »



Here is an update regarding NESCol courses and applications for next year. NESCoL Update  read more »


TGS Parent – Carer Information Update

Please click here to get the latest information from The Gordon Schools on educational matters.  read more »


Personal and Social Education Lesson – S2

The links below will allow S2 pupils to access a lesson on Substance misuse, the start of a topic looking at drugs. http://gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Lesson-1-What-are-drugs.docx http://gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Lesson-1-What-about-drugs.pptx      read more »


Personal and Social Education Lesson – S1

The links will open a lesson on Relationships, Sexual health and Parenthood for our S1 pupils. http://gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Lesson-4-How-can-we-contribute-to-fmaily-life.docx http://gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Lesson-4-How-can-we-contribute-to-family-life.pptx  read more »