The Gordon Schools is committed to allowing each person in the school community to achieve their maximum potential

in every aspect of school life. In order to make this happen we expect pupils and visitors to treat each other with respect,

consideration, honesty, courtesy and good manners.



– behave responsibly

– Arrive on time

– Follow instructions straight away

– Be well prepared for learning

– Work to the best of their ability

– Follow the school dress code

– Show safe conduct at all times

Pupils are expected to play their part in making our school a safe place to be, by behaving responsibly in classrooms,

corridors, cafeteria, bus turning area and our school campus.



• Read notices and obey them.

• Listen to and follow instructions of staff.

• Show safe conduct in the corridors, around the school and on school transport.

• Walk in the corridors at all times and not run.

• Eat food where it is purchased in the cafeteria and milk bar and not carry food into the corridors.

• Use litter bins in and around the school.

• Remain on the ground floor before registration, at intervals and lunchtimes.

• Follow staff advice in the bus park during the Fire Drill and Snow Closure procedures.

• Pay close attention at all times, be aware of rules and expectations and know what to do.