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Our Guidance teachers provide the link between home and school. Although all teachers in the school have responsibility for pupil welfare, it is our Guidance staff who are in a position to have a complete picture of pupil progress during their secondary school years. They provide support and guidance of a personal nature, assisting pupils to make well-considered and wise decisions. Guidance teachers conduct routine interviews with pupils at each stage of their school career. Guidance teachers are also the link between the school and outside agencies, such as Universities, Further Education Establishments and Careers Service.



Mr A Johnston (Depute)

Mrs H Robertson (Badenoch House)

Mrs C Hancy (Fraser House)

Mrs P Emslie & Mr L Wright (Gordon House)

Mrs L Fettes (Seton House)




What is Personal and Social Education?

The letters PSE stand for Personal and Social Education.  All teachers in the Gordon Schools are concerned with and contribute to the welfare and personal development of our pupils.  In addition there is a structured PSE programme that is available to all pupils and is built into the timetable.  The Guidance team delivers this programme for years S1 to S4.  A volunteer Tutor, drawn from subject departments work along with the Principal Teacher of Guidance in years S5 and S6.  Their aim is to build up a supportive relationship with each group and, through their personal development over their time in school and to prepare for life outwith school.  We are also developing the role of the Register Teacher, involving them in supporting pupils, in such areas as the use of study planners.  Register Teachers also are involved in promoting good attendance and timekeeping, and in keeping good lines of communication open, advising pupils on information in the daily absence sheet.

What is a PSE programme?

In The Gordon Schools our programme consists of a variety of themes and topics that have been designed so that the content matches the level of maturity of the pupils.  In each year of our programme there are common themes that we regard as important throughout a young person’s development to adulthood.  These include:

  • developing personal qualifications and skills;
  • developing personal relationships;
  • reviewing progress;
  • developing study skills;
  • skills of decision-making and problem solving;
  • careers education;
  • health education;
  • caring for oneself and others.