The Mathematics department takes the whole school ethos as its model and aims to provide an environment where pupils, working in partnership with staff, can achieve their full potential. We endeavour to create an atmosphere that is open, encouraging and takes account of individual needs. The staff is available three times a week at the lunchtime help sessions.
The Mathematics department aims to provide each pupil with a mathematical education, which helps them to:


· understand the nature and purpose of Mathematics
· acquire the skills of Mathematical thinking within a supporting network of concepts,  facts and techniques
· promote confidence in using and applying Mathematics in everyday life


To this end we aim to provide every pupil with a course which will suit their particular needs and help them attain their maximum potential.


Mrs K Burnett (Principal Teacher)


Mr A Forrest


Mrs S McGowan


Mrs J Simpson


Mr A Murdoch


Dr P Hopwood



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National 5 Revision




Have you ever caught your child playing computer games when they should have been doing their homework? If you start to get the reply, “But, it’s my maths homework!”, then they could now be telling the truth!


This year, the maths department have subscribed to a second ; which is an addition to, and is complementary to, our regular maths websites of and .


‘Mymaths’ has gradually become a well known, reliable resource with both parents and pupils, providing lessons, games and homeworks at all levels within the secondary maths curriculum. We hope that ‘Mangahigh’ will eventually gain a similar status.


‘Mangahigh’ is a much more interactive resource than ‘Mymaths’, taking the form of games and quizzes. At a first glance the site might seem slightly frivolous. However, on closer inspection you will see proper mathematics being presented in an engaging way. The aim is for pupils to gain more pleasure from doing mathematics, to actuallydo more mathematics and hence to become more confident. As well as completing challenges set by the teacher, pupils are automatically set challenges according to their ability and progress. This allows pupils to ‘get ahead’ if they so wish. It also gives pupils access to relevant work if they are absent and is, therefore, ideal for ‘snow days’. There are points and medals to be won, allowing pupils to compete against others or to compete against themselves. There is also occasionally a challenge against another school (a Fai-To), which demands a few days worth of intense mathematical activity from pupils.


In order to be able to use ‘Mangahigh’, pupils require internet access and their own personal Log in details.