MCR Pathways

MCR Pathways is a school-based mentoring programme that connects young people who need additional encouragement and support with caring, adult mentors. We recruit, train and supports volunteer mentors who meet their mentees weekly, in school, for a minimum of a year under the Young Scottish Talent Programme.

Mentoring is at the core of the MCR Pathways Programme. Mentors are matched with a young person who they meet for an hour a week to listen and provide encouragement. Mentors help their young person engage with their education and build the self-belief they need to leave school to a positive destination. Before mentoring, only 54% of care-experienced young people left school to a job, college or university while in 2018, 86% of MCR’s mentored young people did.

In schools, Young Scottish Talent helps young people by running three activity channels – individual mentoring, group work, and Talent Tasters. Each school has a Pathways Coordinator that develops and oversees their schools’ individual requirements. _________________________________________________________________________

Each young person is matched with their own mentor – who only works with them – from S3 onwards. Pupils meet with their mentor once a week for 50 minutes and receive guidance and support. Mentors build relationships, confidence and self-esteem, which are the prerequisite to helping young people find their talents.

Group Work
S1 and S2 young people work with their Pathways Coordinator and participate in weekly group work sessions. These are focused on building confidence and life skills, and also improving Literacy and Numeracy levels. This allows the Coordinator to build trust and an individual relationship with each young person, preparing them for mentoring when they reach S3.

Talent Tasters
Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out work, further and higher education and cultural experiences through manageable, bite-sized sessions. They are designed to engage and inspire pupils with hands-on learning opportunities. Talent Tasters are organised for S3-S6 young people. They provide more opportunities for young people to find their talents and focus on the pathways to achieve their ambition.

We are actively looking for mentors to volunteer at The Gordon Schools Huntly. So If you are interested in becoming a mentor please visit our website to register for more information at