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The Gordon Schools – On-line Learning + Social Media

The School understands that at this highly unusual time there will be an increased use of social media and the internet. This is totally understandable and necessary to help everyone maintain contact with family, friends and to access educational resources.
In line with our Promoting Respect and Equalities policy, pupils are reminded of the risk and negative impact inappropriate comments or posts can have on pupils/parents/carers/schools/community relationships. We therefore ask that you consider:
1. Glow, Social Media and other platforms are there for positive reasons – use them positively
2. Remember that everything you post is traceable
3. Do not name individuals without their permission
4. Consider the long-term consequences for all of what you post
There are procedures that as a School we can and will follow when dealing with negative comments/posts on social media which can result in Police Scotland involvement if required.
We are committed to supporting and providing a safe environment, free of bullying and harassment to ensure the safety of all in our School community. Thank you for supporting The Gordon Schools in our commitment to promoting Zero Tolerance.
Stay safe, learn in as many different ways as you can and support everyone in our local communities.
Together Growing Succeeding


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