Higher History

At the Gordon Schools, three topics are studied:

Scottish- Migration and Empire

British- Britain (1851-1951)

European and World- Germany (1815-1939)

You will find useful resources to help you pass your Higher History exam on this page. The page is intended to support Higher History pupils, but is not a full outline of the skills and knowledge you will require.

Also, SQA requirements are subject to regular changes, so please follow the latest advice on course content and skills.

Below is a link to an essay skills booklet to help with your Higher essays.

essay skills booklet revised TGS

Here are some other resources you may find helpful…

Higher course assessment summary

Migration and Empire revision flashcards:

Migration and Empire Revision

Britain 1851-1951 Resources

Below you will find a PowerPoint which basically explains the reasons the Liberals brought in their social welfare reforms in the early years of the twentieth century.

why did the liberals introduce their reforms