Mod. Languages


Modern Languages Faculty: French, German and Spanish


The Modern Languages department aims to promote the learning and teaching of Modern European Languages in a cooperative, enjoyable, enthusiastic and welcoming environment.


Any Modern Languages pupil is welcome to come for help with any aspect of their work, during Monday and Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes, in A21.


Senior pupils will have received a username and password for Scholar, a web programme of Heriott-Watt University, aimed at providing additional tasks and support for those studying Intermediate, Higher or Advanced Higher. We i strongly recommend that our senior pupils make full use of Scholar, throughout their French, German or Spanish course.




Mr A Sutcliffe (Principal Teacher): French and German

Mrs S McLeod: German, French and Spanish

Mr D Cholet: French and Spanish

Mr J Folgado Casado: Spanish and French



Why not visit the Modern Languages GLOW Resources blog now,  click here!
Senior pupils will find the wide range of exercises on Scholar very helpful. Find them here.
In addition, senior pupils can find SQA past papers here.