Library Service – Live Life Aberdeenshire
All pupils are members of the library service. Use you National Entitlement Card (the top number on your card: the first 14 digits).
Your PIN is the day you were born followed by the month you were born e.g. 12th February is 1202.
The Catalogue page will explain about joining on-line for new members e.g. parents and Resetting PINs. There are videos on the website to explain the normal working, and how to access the digital services.

S3-6 pupils will be issued with tasks to prepare them for courses next session. These are also useful for all students to build-up their literacy skills, even if not continuing with English next session.

If you do not have internet access, learning tasks can be accessed from paper resources. Please contact TGS and let us know.


The Library Resource Centre supports teaching and learning across the curriculum and is used extensively by staff and pupils. Pupils of all ages are encouraged to make use of the wide range of resources available in the Library for school work, recreation and personal development.


The Library houses a comprehensive book stock, available for loan and for reference. Fiction ranges from books popular with younger readers to senior fiction supporting Advanced Higher English. Recreational reading is also catered for with graphic novels, magazines and popular contemporary fiction. Non-Fiction material is also available across a wide spectrum, supporting all school subjects at all levels and for general interest.


Daily newspapers and a cuttings file keep pupils abreast of current affairs and an extensive library of educational videos is available. The area of Information and Communication Technology is catered for with PCs and laptops available for pupil use in support of their studies through internet access, word processing etc.


An extensive Careers Library is also available for pupils and to support the Guidance Department. This provides essential information to assist pupils in making decisions about future study, occupations and careers.


The Library is managed by a Chartered Librarian.