National 5 History

National 5 History

Wallace and Bruce…

Here is a list of all the PowerPoints from the Wallace and Bruce course. You can access these to help you revise for your exam.

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SconeParliament[2] SuccessionCrisis[4] The Scottish Wars of Independence key families TheGreatCause[5] AnEnglishmarriage[3] AwardofBerwick[7] DeathAlexander[1] Edwardsstepstooverlordship[6] EdwardsinvasionofScotland[3] ScotsRebellion[2] ToomTabard[6] WarbetweenEnglandandFrance[1b] AttackonBerwick[4] balliol as king[1] BattleofDunbar[5] BattleofStirlingBridge[5] EdwardscontroloverScotland[1] Medievalarmy[2] NoblesatIrvine[4] ScottishCollapse[9] TrialandExecution[10] WallaceasGuardian[6] WallaceatLanark[3] WilliamWallaceamysteriousman[1b] AfterFalkirk[8] BattleofFalkirk[7] Career of Bruce after 1296(2) Death Edward I(5b) Declaration of Arbroath(8) Defeat of the English in Scotland(7) Defeating the Comyns(5) Murder of Comyn(3) Ambition of the Bruces(1) Battle of Brander Pass(6) Bruce’s Recovery after 1306(4)


Section A: the Succession Crisis

Here you can find a PowerPoint on five basic reasons there was a succession crisis in Scotland, including the potential problems with having the Maid of Norway as a ruler.

The Succession Crisis



An image of the tragic Maid of Norway.