The English Department’s ambition and purpose is to develop the essential skills and confidence young people need in using and understanding their primary language. We also aim to develop a love, appreciation and understanding of literature in English from this country and beyond.

The department also offers courses in Media which aim to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the world of media communication and participate responsibly in the creation of media products. Similar to our English courses, Media aims to develop a love, appreciation and understanding of various different forms of media both familiar and unfamiliar to our young people.

We enjoy close links with our school Library located, handily, at the end of our corridor. Students in English are encouraged to read for pleasure at every age and stage. We offer exciting opportunities for students to attend writing workshops, author talks, theatre trips, cinema trips and even the chance to have work published.





Mr I Morrison (Principal Teacher)

Mrs V Ross

Mrs J Dixon

Mrs P Sangster

Miss K Abercrombie – Glow Blog

Mr G Leven

Mr K McCarthy – Glow Blog




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